Get more power with wide range of low maintenance batteries from Altima. Every Altima low maintenance battery is made from premium alloy composition imported from PASMINCO Australia. This amazingly special high-grade alloy gives Altima Batteries the leading edge with low maintenance, less frequent top-ups and long life.

Advantages of Altima Batteries:

  • Well-designed ‘Positive Plates’ provide maximum surface area for high power and voltage endurance
  • Special computerized design of the ‘Negative Plates’ provide perfect balance along the with the positive, giving maximum performance
  • Rugged POLYPROPYLENE containers assist in high impact resistance
  • Advanced glass mat separator protects against active material shedding during bump and vibration assuring high service life
  • Fine pores of polyethylene envelopes separators help in free electrolyte movement between the positive and negative plates.
  • Enhancing the cold cranking ability of the battery. Problems of internal short-circuits within the cell are also eliminated easily.
  • The unique thorough partition and resistance welded inter cell connection, dramatically shorten the power path and minimize voltage drop on cranking.
  • The heavy-duty plate density provides increased plate strength. A special chemical formulation drastically reduces sulfation, allowing full recharging and significantly prolonged battery life.